Dimensions of the Hellenic Sea

My first readings as a child got started with the discovery of Greek mythology: a borderless domain that is never exhausted.


It is a fabulous, mysterious, intriguing world, intrinsically identified with the sea, air and land. These three materials have taken roots in my soul.


It was in this way that I felt the need within me to try and “iconize” principals and values that were being lost in the course of time.


However, greek mythology does not represent solely the ancient times but on the contrary, it is the principal science of imagination and of primary surrealism.
When Homer (8th Century BC) has Ulysses descend to the heart of Hades in the context of a Nekyia, this is nothing else but the sonorous metaphor of his human existence in order that he might be saved and receive sagacity: he has to plunge into the unfathomable depths of his “ego”, which is a heritage leading us to the “Minotaur’s free association” of contemporary poets.


When one observes my works, one ascertains that they are all completely different from each other and retain their characteristic singularities in their movement and projection. A whole whose diachrony emerges from knowledge and leads to myth and surrealism is thus formed.


However and above all, each and every work is my inner cry addressed to every individual who is respectful of the past, creates the present and envisages the future times.