Curriculum Vitae

Niki Papatheochari

Degree holder in French Literature
of the Sorbonne University with specialty in Latin Literature
(Maîtrise, UFR Latin, Paris IV).

Diploma holder of Tourist Guide’s School, with fluent command
of English, French and Italian.

Graduate from Casa d’ Italia.

Holder of St. Patrick College’s Proficiency of English language.

She was a former track athlete with a considerably high performance
in the javelin and shot put.

Worked as an air hostess with Olympic Airways.

A librettist characterised by particularity and passion.

Her scenic plastic creations “ Dimensions of the Hellenic Sea”
made of materials taken from the seabed,
constitute a form of pioneering art manifesting
the relationship of mythos, fairy tale and surrealism.

She is Diogenes and Apollo Papatheocharises’ mother,
businessman John Papatheocharis’s wife.

Honorary member of UNESCO.

Other books of the author:

1. «Psiphides» (Poetry) 2011 Edit. P. Kyriakidis
2. «Psiphides» (Poetry) 2015 Edit. I. Sideris
3. « Dimensions of the Hellenic Sea» 2015 Edit. I. Sideris
4. «The Animals and their Human beings»-«Τα Ζώα και οι Άνθρωποί τους»
Poetry/ Ποιήματα 1913 – 1926
Essay – bilingual of the poetry collection of Paul Eluard 2015 Edt. Tegos.

5. ‘’Haikou’’ – Ideology anarchic / Poetry 2016 Ed. ‘’TO PONTIKI’